Employment Law

Have you lost your job, worried that you might lose your job in the future, or feel like you’re being forced to resign?

We can assist employees understand their rights, including reviewing employment contracts and workplace agreements, as well as assisting in instances of disputes or unfair dismissals in the workplace. Contact us today, and take a look at what we can assist you with:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Misconduct allegations
  • Employment contracts
  • Redundancy
  • Mediation

Empower Law Group is a boutique Sydney-based law practice providing legal advice and representation on all aspects of employment law. 

Our skilled employment lawyers are here to assist businesses navigate the complex employment landscape by offering collaborative, commercially-focussed and client-centric customer service, whilst providing a clean and concise plain-English approach to the law and your legal problem. 

Our dedicated team of skilled workplace lawyers is here to assist small businesses in Sydney in search of local, friendly, and competitively-priced employment lawyers. 

The application of employment and workplace law isn’t often black and white – understanding these intricacies as they relate to all sorts of business and the people within them is what makes Empower Law Group different.

We can assist by providing advice and representation on various facets of employment and workplace laws in Australia. We provide precise, accurate and complete solutions for our clients on all legal matters we undertake. 

Call Empower Law Group employment and workplace lawyers in Sydney today on 1300 414 844, for a confidential, obligation-free consultation, or Contact us online and one of our friendly team will reach out to discuss your employment and workplace law matter. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Employment contracts

As local employment lawyers in Sydney, we can negotiate, draft, and review employment contracts, policies and other agreements and documentation for employers looking to hire. 

We assist businesses with preparing, reviewing and negotiating employment contracts, salary negotiations, advising on risks associated with terminating staff employment and by shielding businesses from risk in the following ways:

  • Validating that staff are compensated for their lawful entitlements. A failure to pay legal entitlements may expose the business to penalties.
  • Safeguarding the business’s confidential information through Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, or Restraints of Trade including after employment has ceased.
  • Protecting the business’s intellectual property rights.
  • Creating a framework for workplace policies and procedures, duties, and contractual obligations. 

Clearly defining workplace policies and procedures is important, as they can reduce the risk of discrimination claims, sexual harassment claims, and unfair dismissal claims. It is imperative these policies and procedures are properly established at the beginning of any new business venture, and updated regularly throughout the lifecycle of any business large or small.

Unfair Dismissal

We assist businesses by advising on potential or actual unfair dismissal claims and defending claims. 

A business may have difficulty navigating the complex unfair dismissal laws in Australia when unfair dismissal claims arise. Workplace disputes arising from accusations of unfair dismissal, to harassment or discrimination at work, can harm your reputation, your brand, and the image of your business. The goodwill and an upstanding image that has been constructed over many years can be irreparably damaged over a frivolous claim or serious misunderstanding between employee and employer if mismanaged. Businesses need to seek advice and guidance from lawyers who fully comprehend all aspects of employment law. Speak to an Empower Law Group employment and workplace lawyer now on 1300 414 844 or contact us online, and we’ll be happy to connect you to one of our experienced unfair dismissal lawyers.

Our unfair dismissal lawyers have the know-how to assist you in dealing with wrongful dismissal allegations and other problems relating to employment law. As a client-focussed business partner, we work hand-in-hand with you and your team in the background, providing strategic and commercial advice to avoid conflicts, workplace disputes, and legal issues that can occur in a workplace. As part of our unfair dismissal advice and resolution services, our lawyers may also take into account Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategies and suggest these options to ensure that you resolve any problems as soon as reasonably possible.

Constructive Dismissal

What is Constructive Dismissal?

The law considers “forced resignation” in New South Wales to be another term for constructive dismissal. Constructive dismissal may occur when an employer gives an employee no other choice but to resign, and where the resignation is brought about by the employer’s actions.

The burden of proof is on the affected employee to prove that they have not willingly resigned. The employee must demonstrate that they were forced to quit by the company.

Whether a valid constructive dismissal claim exists will depend on the facts and circumstances of the matter and therefore it is important that you obtain expert advice from an employment and workplace lawyer to help you understand your rights and avenues available to protect your business and brand. 

Misconduct and Workplace Investigations

Empower Law Group provides expert legal advice to businesses on all aspects of employee misconduct, in instances such as:

  • Allegations of abusive behaviour, bullying, discrimination and/or harassment.
  • Misappropriation of funds.
  • Claims of misconduct by the employer or other employees.

We are a trusted adviser on workplace discrimination for business clients across a range of industries for employment and HR law claims. Speak to us without delay on 1300 414 844 or Contact Us online if instances of alleged unfair work practices and unfair treatment at work, employment discrimination claims, or indirect discrimination claims arise.

Redundancy and Business Restructuring

Our lawyers can also assist businesses with redundancies and restructuring matters. 

We assist businesses to implement successful redundancy or business restructuring, by guiding you through all the appropriate steps that need to be performed, such as:

  • Outlining a legally sound process for the commencement of business restricting actions and redundancy strategies.
  • Conducting negotiations with employees on behalf of the business.
  • Advise on the processes and procedures for the transfer of staff to other teams or businesses.
  • Advising on strategies to mitigate allegations brought by unsatisfied employees.


Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution is common when resolving employment or workplace disputes. 

The mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution may be voluntary or may arise through more formal channels after a formal claim has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission. 

Mediation is an effective way to facilitate discussion and foster a collaborative approach to a problem.

Small business advantages include reduced legal expenses, generally faster resolutions, and reducing the need for protracted litigation. 

Industrial Disputes

An industrial dispute can have deep and long-lasting damaging consequences on a business and its reputation in the market unless addressed efficiently and professionally to produce a positive outcome for all parties, with your business’s commercial interests top-of-mind.

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), societal perceptions and expectations, and obligations set out for businesses in Australia highlights the importance of developing open communication channels with employees and their representatives. Having a clear communication structure with unions to accomplish agreement and foster alignment amongst staff and management in the workplace can have a positive, flow-on effect on productivity and cohesiveness amongst your workforce. 

We help you facilitate a culture of positivity and trust to minimise the risk of industrial disputes, as well as help you manage the consequences should one occur. 


What advice can Empower Law Group provide on employment law?

As experts in employment advice for employers, end your search for an employment lawyer in Sydney with Empower Law Group. Our experienced team can assist with:

  • Preparing, negotiating and advising on employment contracts and disputes.
  • Prompt, commercially focussed and sound advice about the application of relevant legislation, awards and agreements.
  • Providing clear and concise advice on the prevention, mediation and settlement of industrial disputes by offering recommendations or constructive involvement in labour agreements and before the relevant courts and tribunals.
  • Providing clear plain-English guidance on a wide variety of topics surrounding employment and workplace law.
  • Providing advice and representation on workplace harassment legislation and proactive workplace dispute avoidance and detection strategies.
When should you consult an employment lawyer or workplace lawyer for businesses?

As an employer, you may need a lawyer to prepare and negotiate a new employment contract including salary, terms and entitlements. Or you may need advice and representation in relation to a redundancy, unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal claim or other workplace issue. 

As an employer, once you become aware of an employee dispute, unfair dismissal claim, or any workforce issue – we recommend you contact us as early as possible. Our clients have the option to engage us on an ongoing retainer as a proactive measure against workplace disputes, as we believe prevention is better than resolving a problem. We also provide traditional, ad-hoc legal advisory services when a problem occurs.

Empower Law Group excel in resolving disputes as smoothly and swiftly as possible. Empower Law Firm is experienced in corporate workplace law practises and recognises the frustrating complexities and consequences of unsubstantiated wrongful dismissal claims against your business and its image.

We recommended contacting Empower Law Group if:

  • You require employment contracts, agreements, or other legally binding documentation prepared for your employees.
  • You intend to terminate an employee and are unsure about the proper legal process to do so.
  • A former staff member has lodged an unfair dismissal claim or lawsuit against your business.
  • You require guidance on employee entitlements and clarification of applicable awards.
  • You need guidance on how to properly performance manage underperforming employees in-line with Australian employment laws and regulations.
  • You believe a member of staff has breached their contractual duties and has engaged in misconduct.
What are the costs involved?

To speak with one of our skilled employment or workplace lawyers today, call Empower Law Group 1300 414 844 or Contact Us online. If a dispute has arisen or you believe there is a risk of a potential dispute arising, contact us today by phone or submit an online enquiry and one of our experienced employment and workplace lawyers will be in touch. 

We offer a free no obligation initial consultation to discuss your matter. Our rates as workplace lawyers for businesses in Sydney are highly competitive and can be a fixed fee arrangement for transparency and clarity on costs. One of our expert workplace solicitors will discuss your claim with you over the phone or in-person. 

Following the initial consultation, we provide you with a formal costs agreement containing our legal costs and disbursements to assist you in deciding whether to retain Empower Law Group as your chosen legal representative in the matter, and before you sign on as a client to ensure you understand the costs involved.

Why should you trust the Empower Law Group to represent your business?

As an employer, it is vital to understand the employment law obligations. Claims by staff including unfair dismissals or constructive dismissal claims can be costly and have serious reputational and economic impacts. 

Similarly, employment disputes, stemming from allegations of discrimination due to race, gender, age or spiritual beliefs can be especially damaging to your reputation in the current social climate.

We are the trusted adviser to companies and organisations of all sizes in many areas of workplace laws, employer disputes and employment law. Our experienced lawyers appear in the Fair Work Commission, Courts and Tribunals. We empower you and your business with superior workplace legal advice that’s affordable and stress-free, in-person, over-the-phone or online.

Contact us today on 1300 414 844 or Contact Us online for a free consultation on your employment law or workplace law matter in Sydney, or all around New South Wales.